R1 Car Wireless Charger

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2,999.00 1,949.00

  • Support all mobiles
  • Stylish glossy finish
  • Wireless fast charging Qi Technology
  • Extreme silent mode on the way
  • 4th generation independent large coil
  • Stable to hold your phone to prevent it from slipping

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R1 Car Wireless Charger For All Smart Phones, Fast Charging Air Vent Mount Phone Holder, Anti scratch & anti slip rubber material base padding for a secure and safe grip, allowing for a worry free travel. Silicone pad design, protects the phone. This Wireless Car Charger supports all smart mobile phones. Thanks to the 4th generation of the integrated version of the independent large coil and the integrated security control chip, it is equipped with temperature control, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection.

How to use this R1 Car Wireless Charger?

Step 1: Connect the wireless car charger and power with the cable, it will auto check the tension and the blue indicator light will be on.

Step 2: Clamp it on the air vent or elsewhere.

Step 3: Put the phone into wireless charger, it will automatically clamp the phone. After that it will charge your phone and light turns green.

Step 4: The top of back is sensing point, just touch it can take off your phone.

CompatibilitySupport All Smart Phones
ChargingDual Mode
InclusionsHolder Clip, USB Cable, Wireless Charger
USB Cable Length100 cm
Holder Clip Range6.5 to 8.5 cm

8 reviews for R1 Car Wireless Charger

  1. Raj Kumar

    It’s provide perfect clapping force to lock the device..
    It’s contain Infrareds sensor to lock or unlocked the device..
    So it is good product for buy..

  2. Vansh Saxena

    One product two works
    It’s a wireless car charger which is very fast and at the same time a car mobile holder too which has a sensor it opens automatically when you take your phone near it and closes as soon as you put your phone on its place.
    A very good product

  3. Akriti Dubey

    I was looking for good car mount for mobiles. Stumbled upon this one and based on the previous reviews decided to go for it.
    1. Good build quality and design.
    2. Holding power is pretty strong on windshield.
    3. Clamps have strong grip and I don’t see a chance of slippage.
    4. The swivelling neck can be turned to a great degree to adjust your view and can be tightened so that it doesn’t move around during the drive.
    5. One touch locking mechanism is great – just place the phone on the clamp and press slightly.

  4. Nikhil Mehta

    It is one of the necessary product. It charges the phone very fast. It has the latest automatic sensitive wireless car charger design, phone is close to the infrared sensing area, the bracket will automatically lock your phone for fast charging, the bracket will automatically open after touching the sensing area behind the bracket

  5. Vishal Rastogi

    When coming to quality and technology this is the best wireless charger holder which has sensor inbuilt to lock the phone and unlock for the phone support and chargers fast has well.

  6. Isha Goel

    it is a amazing car mobile stand….. it even has wireless charger…. it is even supplied with c type usb that is used to connect stand for wireless charging….

    it even has sensors which autonomously open and closes stands for putting the phone and removing it…

    over all a good product…. I liked it and is surely value for money

  7. Amrita Rao

    I have looking for a wireless charger for my car as well and finally got the search result for this.Using the charger for 3 days now

    1.The device grips the phone automatically and firmly
    2.Good charging speed, without heating the phone too much
    3.Mobile holder and charger in one, great for a clutter free drive
    4.Easy mounting and removing with just one hand makes it easy to access the phone
    5.Premium looking

  8. Vijay Madan

    Great product quality, good material used, easily we can install it in our vehicle..working nice..some of the phones are not compatible for wireless charging,. overall great choice

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